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Emergency Microwave Network
Restoration Case Study

ProComm Telecommunications brings life-saving microwave
communications to communities embattled by multiple hurricanes.


Our specialized warehousing solutions cater to the unique requirements of the telecommunications industry, ensuring efficient management and operation of your inventory, equipment, and logistics.

Hurricane Destroys Telecom Towers &
Emergency Communication Signals


PERT Team Quickly Deployed to Storm Location

We swiftly activated our ProComm Emergency Response Team (PERT), who continuously carries all the essential equipment needed to immediately restore radio signal in any crisis. From antennas and transmission lines to hardware and power equipment, PERT leveraged their experience and tools to help the emergency response teams communicate once again.


Shortly after arriving at towers impacted by the storms, ProComm began restoring communications. The rapid response not only saved lives, but also reinstated crucial connectivity for law enforcement, emergency services, and local residents. Proving themselves again and again, ProComm Telecommunications' PERT team has become one of the go-to teams that municipalities and wireless companies trust to restore communications quickly and effectively in the aftermath of natural disasters.

Emergency Communications Restored to Help Law Enforcement and Medical Personnel Within Hours of Arrival.

Quotes from Our Team

Our mission is to provide rapid and reliable communication solutions in times of crisis. We take pride in our ability to mobilize quickly and make a meaningful impact on the communities we serve.


Network Technician

Where We Have Helped

Our convenient locations across the Southeast and Gulf of Mexico have helped our PERT team be one of the first telecommunications teams restoring radio signals across regions impacted by the storm.










227 Power Court, Unit 131
Sanford, FL 32771


1377 Business Center Drive SW
Conyers, GA 30094​​​​


24322 Katex Road
Katy, TX 77493

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